Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Never Doubt

Never doubt

Never doubt His love for you

Never question what He has brought you through

He only does it to refine you

To make you who He wants you to be

He is shaping you with loving hands

He is making you a better man

He is trusting that you will make it through

For His Spirit lives within you

He will keep you in His hiding place

It is there where you can seek His face

He will always shower love and Grace

There in His hiding place

The world is going at a breakneck speed

Getting all with malice and greed

But you on His word, you feed

Knowing it is a Holy seed

That will sprout when His Love and Care

Are ready to be spread everywhere.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Keep truth in front of the eyes of your mind. Bind them to the doorposts of our lives, our habitations of flesh. Wanting and waiting, longing for reprieve, the soul cries out for the pain to leave. Keep calling out to the One who brings hope to the mind, whose power and greatness lies in Love Devine. What joy and peace His heart brings to bear on the soul that is trusting in His love and care.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hello, my Dear friends in cyberland. I apologize for not posting lately, but I do not have phone service at my new residence yet, and have to borrow computers where I can.

Friday, August 7, 2009

On No, not Tax Free

Two words; Retail Store. Three words; Tax Free Weekend. Nuff said!!!!!
Are people getting meaner, or just more insane? I do not know. I still can show them the Love of God, as best I can.
Pray for me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

His Love And Care

Keep truth in front of the eyes of your mind. Bind them to the doorposts of our lives, our habitations of flesh. Wanting and waiting, longing for reprieve, the soul cries out for the pain to leave. Keep calling out to the One who brings hope to the mind, whose power and greatness lies in Love Devine. What joy and peace His heart brings to bear on the soul that is trusting in His love and care.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking it EASY

Well, today was the last day of freedom. Having been off for the first vacation in three years from work, it has been so good to rest my weary bones, but tomorrow it off to the races. I retired from construction about 5 years ago and thought this job at the office supply store would be easy. Huh, carrying 50 pound boxes up a 14 foot ladder numerous times a day, while stocking for around 6 hours a day, in amongst waiting on customers everywhere, well let's just say it is anything, but easy. Oh, well it seems nothing has been easy for a long time, so this past week it was great just to take it EASY!!!
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Rustling Wind

God moves like the wind in whispers
In echoes of mercy and grace
Wind blowing in restless billows
Wandering through the valley low
And sweeping upward to the heights
Can you hear the sounds in your ears?
Do they fill you with joy or tears?
As His mercy deals with our hearts
Sounds of repenting fill His house
While tears flow from our worried brows
The wind of His spirit blows free
Hovering over our hearts plea
While it winnows the chaff away
And fills us with fresh hope today
His wind can push and pull along
And can drive and shift all around
Wind can lead and steer and direct
Much as The Shepherd does our lives
With unseen hands he steadies us
And He comforts us by His touch
He holds us fast so we can stand
Carved in the hollow of His hand
Held together like the dust
Let His wind blow and hear Him now
His words fill us with Hope Devine
Author: Tom B.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stand Still

From the depths of the heart
You cry for the pain to depart
Health to restore to show His love to you more
Weary and weak we need His life to speak
And tell sorrow to flee and to set me free
For you are like the spider caught in its web
You need your strength to be restored
And Faith emboldened as sorrows are diminished
Pain relieved
Groaning of Waning of desire
Pains of remorse you want loneliness to depart
No one understands my pain
No one can know my heartache
Your pain He bore
Your wounds he healed
Your cross He carried
Your fear he relieved
Your health to restore
Faith soars, your heartache and panic He relieves
Constant abiding in His love and care
Like a Father his child’s worries to bear
Helplessness vanishes with help from above
Soaring like eagles, yet on wings of a dove.
Freely you fly to your God up above
Wrapped in His glory hear whispers of love
From the Creator who made you with all knowing eyes
Who shaped you and formed you for all of your life
Peace and prosperity He wills to bring
Causing your heart a new melody to sing
Weariness departs at the wink of His eye
Darkness departs as the clouds from your sky
Sweet mercies of love pour down from above
And fill you with gladness and joy in His love
Keep trusting my friend as He will complete
All that He started in you this very week
His plans for you never changed when pain was your lot
His Path still lies before you unchanged and unhindered
His will to perform in your life lies silently ahead
Don’t worry, don’t fret, He will never depart
His will and His way was above ours since the start
Great things He will show you
Great things He will do
Just keep trusting in His dear care
Like in the care of The Father He is
Stand still and see His salvation!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day off

Went to the zoo today to visit my relatives. Did I say relatives, I meant the flowers. The roses were a little past their blooming glory, but I still captured some pictures of some real beauties. I go there on my days off hoping to find some beauty that I can share with all at my Webshots pages. I see amazing displays of The Masters touch.

Lord, how can we see the beauty of your creation without seeing your glory displayed in every petal. How can we smell the perfume those creations gve off without being reminded that you, The Rose of Sharon gives off a sweet aroma, acceptable to God, and we enjoy your sweetness every day.
Thank you for sharing your beauty with us, o Lord.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strange, HUH?

I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in what oredr the ltteers in a word are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is that the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wisdom, Grace, Mercy and Love flows from our Father above
Help, Strength, Power and Trust are given by His hand
Keep your lives in His sheltering Hands
Today is His time to touch your life.
Trust Him, let His Wisdom guide you
Let His power sustain you now
Comfort yourself in His Spirit today
May His refreshing come to you and may you receive rest for your soul

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Prayer by THOMBU1

My prayer

Lord let us walk in your way
Keep our feet from going astray
Our steps are ordered by you Lord
With truth You guide us by Your Word
Don’t let our feet slide off Your path
Keep them straight away from wrath
Help us Lord, as we are weak
Give us strength and keep us meek
Let us search for you every day
In Your Word, Your will, Your way
Please guide us with Your nail scarred hands
To go in by faith and possess the land
You gave to us with gracious plenty
With blessing besides, Oh, they are many
What joy belongs to us who trust?
What a gift to all us who are but dust
We cannot describe You Lord with words
Their weight is not worthy of You lord
Though thousands could fall from lips of clay
There would not be enough through length of day
How can we describe one who hung the moon?
We could not even in a song or a tune
Our feeble attempts of praise are small
For the one who created it all
For now, Oh Lord let these words suffice
We love You, we praise You, for paying the price
Your love is beyond what we can understand
How you could love us and hold our hand
Please keep us, in trials and despair
Help us not to give up but continue in prayer
May we hold fast to your wisdom and Word
And seek your face our glorious Lord
We humble ourselves under Your mighty wings
And trust in Your care while our heart sings
Praises to You in Your glory Devine
Ordering our lives while with You we dine
As we sup with You on sumptuous fare
We must not forget those who are not there
The ones You have lain on our hearts so dear
We cannot be comforted without them here
As the man who begged for bread for his friend
We plead for grace for them in the end
So we all can sit at the table there
Having our fill of your manna in the air
May no one we know be lacking that grace
That translated us to that beautiful place
Let us compel them all to come in and dine,
At your table, Oh my Master Devine.

New Layout

Hey guys, have you seen the new layout? Let me now i you do. I haven't added any comments on here in awhile, so here it tis!

Sunday, December 16, 2007



Who will hold your hand when life gets weary
Or hold you close when all your dreams vanish
How will you feel if all you have to give is love
When love holds not to the promise of return
Have tears fell down from eyes that cried so long
That joy eludes the mind from where they flowed
Help is on the way they all say in vain
Why should it come and from whom will it be
All that should has not yet arrived as well
Concerns and troubles align all around
Keeping ease from breaking out as it should
Calling out to God for the help we need
Waiting for relief from the fears within
Who will keep our hearts and minds from our fears
We need the warm embrace of God to see the truth
We long to hear His voice to lead the way
We cannot break the trust we have in Him
We must not let our fears tie up His hands
But keep the faith and trust in His dear care
The times of refreshing we pray will come
We wait in faith at the edge of our seats
Knowing God will never let us fail now
But keep us in His hands till he sets free
Our hearts our minds our lives our love our peace
The prince of peace will guard our hearts we know
And keep us from the evil one by faith
His power will dwell in and through our lives
The spirit of the Lamb of God our Lord
Will comfort all our lives in peace and love
Though weary through battles that we have fought
Our strength is given us not earned or bought
We claim his power of great sacrifice
When He gave his all for us on the cross
There blood and water mingled in the flow
Of grace and mercy there was great release
All sin was washed away from us at once
And mercy great and free was shed on us
Who put our trust and faith in Him alone
Who died and rose again to take his throne
From where he will judge the quick and the dead
For us salvation has been purchased there
Now we have been forgiven all our debts
And asked to forgive all who owe us debts
Will we respond with a resounding yes
Or will we hold onto the grudges yet
I pray the will of the one who died there
Will be done on earth as is in heaven
Let us not feel as though we are in charge
But know that he has made us for himself
We are His workmanship by His own hands
We are held by his great power and strength
There never has to be a glimpse of doubt
That he is not working still for us now
He ever lives to intercede for us
Before His Father and the angels there
His spirit dwells in us and knows our ways
Our thoughts our hopes our fears our faith
He intercedes with groanings not uttered
According to His Father’s will he prays
As we agree with Him in prayer He hears
And answers with his own unfailing love
We hold on to His command to love all
As we seek to obey all His commands
Because we love him for all he does
And know our lives are hid in Christ in God
We seek to know his hearts desires and plans
So that we may serve Him as His children
Knowing that He as a Father knows best
A Father in whom dwells all truth and love
Who will not hurt us nor leave us alone
He does have our best interests at heart
We also can trust him never to depart
He has us carved on the palms of His hands
He knows our name and numbers all our hairs
He knows our thoughts and yet He loves us still
What grace what mercy He has shown to us
By giving us salvation by his cross

Friday, December 14, 2007

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Hey guys check out my pictures on webshots. The link is at the bottom of the page. Thanx

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where Angels Fear To Trod

Where Angels Fear To Trod

Have your feet tread where God has already been, or do they stumble in your own way?
Do they walk where angels fear to tread, or are they kept straight on the paths of God.
Have you turned aside unto your own way, or are the ways of God your mainstay?
Have the thoughts of your heart given you cause to fear, that His grace is not near?
Have they ran foolishly away from Gods perfect plan, where peace is caught in the fray?
Do you feel that there is no use, to continue to seek His plan for your life?
Has all your following been in vain, and left you in doubt and fear and pain?
Has keeping the rules left you empty inside, knowing they only filled you with strife?
The answer, they say, is simple and plain, while they themselves cannot explain?
Yet you know that the answer is in, the One who has even called you his friend.
The One who promised to stick closer than a brother, yes it He who reigns.
He will give you a purpose and make it plain, because He knows the beginning to the end.
And He is the One that has called you to will, and to do, of His good pleasure.
He has given you grace that abounds and abounds, covering you, and all of your sin.
Out of His storehouses he has showered upon you, an abundance of His treasure.
Grace, and mercy, and pardon, and favor, He has given you, along with peace within.
Are there times of sorrow that come your way, and that without measure?
Have they given you reason to wonder why; you should be so afflicted so much?
Has you life been filled with tears and crying, has your faith been shaken for sure?
Do you feel as if you and you alone, are bearing this cross, and feeling deep loss?
Have your tears mounted up a wall of separation between you and your God?
Do they wear away your soul, and wash away your pure hearts desire to go on?
Do they merely remind you of the glories waiting beyond this veil of tears?
The tears are truly washing away the souls pain and bringing healing to the mind,
Cleaning out all imaginations and things that exalt themselves against the mind of God,
The mind of Christ we are told we have been given, yet His thoughts are above ours.
We search for their meanings, with all our might, to no avail in our own strength.
Knowing that Christ spirit dwells within us, with all that is needed to glimpse into life.
We determine to at last, let His Spirit show us all things that pertain unto life and love.
We feel His presence descending from Heaven softly as on the wings of a dove,
Filling us with a passion to serve, despite the tears and the suffering of this mortal way.
We steadfastly profess that Jesus will sustain us and keep our feet in His ways.
He will guide and direct through the tears and the pain, with life everlasting to gain.
We will serve Him with gladness all of our days, as we seek to obey Him any way.
Knowing there is laid up for us a crown of life, waiting for our coronation in Glory.
We put our faith in what God has done, through the cross of Jesus His son,
Where all of our guilt and sin was placed on the perfect Lamb of God, the crucified One.
Oh, the precious crimson flow, that streamed down that tree to the earth below,
Still cleanses, and covers, and pardons today, and keeps us trusting along life’s way.
Empty thoughts and words and hearts need its cure, to fill them with hope again.
Torments and terrors, and sufferings beyond measure are no match for the blood.
We look for our redemption, and the hope of His appearing, once again.
We will trust His grace until that time, attaining the perseverance wrought in us,
By the sufferings of this present world and all of its tribulations thrown our way.
Knowing that hope is being wrought in us, through these things, makes our heart to sing.
Blessed be the name of The Lord, Our God, Most High, who causes us always to triumph.