Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stand Still

From the depths of the heart
You cry for the pain to depart
Health to restore to show His love to you more
Weary and weak we need His life to speak
And tell sorrow to flee and to set me free
For you are like the spider caught in its web
You need your strength to be restored
And Faith emboldened as sorrows are diminished
Pain relieved
Groaning of Waning of desire
Pains of remorse you want loneliness to depart
No one understands my pain
No one can know my heartache
Your pain He bore
Your wounds he healed
Your cross He carried
Your fear he relieved
Your health to restore
Faith soars, your heartache and panic He relieves
Constant abiding in His love and care
Like a Father his child’s worries to bear
Helplessness vanishes with help from above
Soaring like eagles, yet on wings of a dove.
Freely you fly to your God up above
Wrapped in His glory hear whispers of love
From the Creator who made you with all knowing eyes
Who shaped you and formed you for all of your life
Peace and prosperity He wills to bring
Causing your heart a new melody to sing
Weariness departs at the wink of His eye
Darkness departs as the clouds from your sky
Sweet mercies of love pour down from above
And fill you with gladness and joy in His love
Keep trusting my friend as He will complete
All that He started in you this very week
His plans for you never changed when pain was your lot
His Path still lies before you unchanged and unhindered
His will to perform in your life lies silently ahead
Don’t worry, don’t fret, He will never depart
His will and His way was above ours since the start
Great things He will show you
Great things He will do
Just keep trusting in His dear care
Like in the care of The Father He is
Stand still and see His salvation!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day off

Went to the zoo today to visit my relatives. Did I say relatives, I meant the flowers. The roses were a little past their blooming glory, but I still captured some pictures of some real beauties. I go there on my days off hoping to find some beauty that I can share with all at my Webshots pages. I see amazing displays of The Masters touch.

Lord, how can we see the beauty of your creation without seeing your glory displayed in every petal. How can we smell the perfume those creations gve off without being reminded that you, The Rose of Sharon gives off a sweet aroma, acceptable to God, and we enjoy your sweetness every day.
Thank you for sharing your beauty with us, o Lord.