Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Prayer by THOMBU1

My prayer

Lord let us walk in your way
Keep our feet from going astray
Our steps are ordered by you Lord
With truth You guide us by Your Word
Don’t let our feet slide off Your path
Keep them straight away from wrath
Help us Lord, as we are weak
Give us strength and keep us meek
Let us search for you every day
In Your Word, Your will, Your way
Please guide us with Your nail scarred hands
To go in by faith and possess the land
You gave to us with gracious plenty
With blessing besides, Oh, they are many
What joy belongs to us who trust?
What a gift to all us who are but dust
We cannot describe You Lord with words
Their weight is not worthy of You lord
Though thousands could fall from lips of clay
There would not be enough through length of day
How can we describe one who hung the moon?
We could not even in a song or a tune
Our feeble attempts of praise are small
For the one who created it all
For now, Oh Lord let these words suffice
We love You, we praise You, for paying the price
Your love is beyond what we can understand
How you could love us and hold our hand
Please keep us, in trials and despair
Help us not to give up but continue in prayer
May we hold fast to your wisdom and Word
And seek your face our glorious Lord
We humble ourselves under Your mighty wings
And trust in Your care while our heart sings
Praises to You in Your glory Devine
Ordering our lives while with You we dine
As we sup with You on sumptuous fare
We must not forget those who are not there
The ones You have lain on our hearts so dear
We cannot be comforted without them here
As the man who begged for bread for his friend
We plead for grace for them in the end
So we all can sit at the table there
Having our fill of your manna in the air
May no one we know be lacking that grace
That translated us to that beautiful place
Let us compel them all to come in and dine,
At your table, Oh my Master Devine.

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